Bar end mirror set Viper Evo with integrated lever protection, MV Agusta Dragster style, mounted on a ball joint for perfect adjustment, metal clamping device for a particularly firm hold, suitable for all hollow handlebars and hollow bar ends. E-approved.

Clamp diameter of attachment 13mm or 16+18mm - PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING! because only one size of the mounting kit is included in the price.

(The specified size of the clamps is to be understood in the unclamped state - 13 corresponds to 14.5mm in the end in the clamped state...16 to 17.5...and 18 to 19.5mm)

(Screws and clamps are BLACK in colour, example picture is in silver for better visibility) The mounting kit is of course included for BOTH sides

The lettering VIPER is only on the right mirror arm, this is intended by the manufacturer for design reasons.
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